10 ideas for cute first day of school pictures

These are the cutest ideas for first day of school pictures! I can't believe we are already thinking about back to school photos. Seems like summer just started!

School will be starting in just a little over a month.  Some of my friends even have kiddos starting school in less than a month!!  While it might seem premature to think about, parents all over the world will be taking first day of school pictures.  I’ve gathered some ideas for cute first day of school pictures you’re going to love! 10 Ideas for cute first day of school pictures *for your convenience, there may be … read on–>

Easy DIY Sidewalk Paint

I love this easy DIY sidewalk paint, and so did the kids!

Back in June, I was asked to guest post over on the Crafting Chicks Blog.  It was a huge honor because they just have the coolest blog, and I couldn’t believe they actually asked little ol’ me to share something fun with their audience.  Anyhow, I decided this diy sidewalk paint was perfect! Since we are officially into summer, we are soaking in as much summer sun as we can. Any chance we can take … read on–>

10 mud activities for kids

June 29th is international mud day! let your kids get muddy with these super fun mud activities for kids!

Dirty kids are really no stranger to our house.  Our kids play hard and get dirty, a lot.  What they don’t typically get to play in is mud which pretty much means mud activities for kids are about the coolest thing ever!  I swear they can sniff it out since it’s a treat when I let them get nice and muddy.  I actually caught the 2 youngest under the trampoline where all the grass is dead … read on–>

fun rock crafts

These fun rock crafts are so easy, and definitely a quick idea for something to do with your kids.

Finding time to do crafts with the kids is something that has really gotten pushed to the side the last several (just being honest here) years.  There are a couple of reasons for that- 1. I just don’t have time, and I really try to extend myself a little bit of grace and acknowledge I can’t do everything. and 2. despite the fact I attempt to keep some art supplies set aside for the rare … read on–>

Ways to entertain kids when you need a minute

Sometimes you just need a couple minutes to get things done without entertaining a child. These are great ways to entertain your kids!

There are plenty of times you need to find ways to entertain your kids.  I mean you can’t sit and play with them every moment of everyday.  I often find myself feeling guilty for not playing with them enough.  I have to work, I have to grocery shop, I have to cook dinner, cart kids to after school activities, clean laundry, the list goes on…  I know you all feel me. I honestly don’t remember … read on–>

DIY fairy wands your kids will adore

These are the cutest DIY fairy wands, and they were so easy to make. The kids loved this craft!

Crafting, with the kids, is not something I do very often.  When there was only one wild thing, and we didn’t have a busy schedule, and I didn’t work as much as I do now, I planned special things to do with him all the time.  He was the lucky one.  Wild things 2-4 never have had as many special crafts planned by me.  Sure, they do crafts in their playgroups and at school, but … read on–>

gingerbread houses + toddlers= fun?

gingerbread houses can be super fun to make with kids--and frustrating. if you're thinking about making one, you're definitely going to want to read this!

Years ago, before the birth of wild thing #3, I found a haunted gingerbread house.  It was insanely easy, and we had a blast with it.  Two years ago, I thought it would be fun to make another one. This is what it looked like (by the way, if you don’t follow me on instagram, you should!  😉 ).. Needless to say, we skipped making one last year. This year, wild thing #4 was given … read on–>

DIY sharpie mugs the right way

these diy sharpie mugs are so easy to make, and fun for everyone!

Every now and then, I try to find something crafty to do with the kids that we can actually keep (hopefully forever).  I was much better about it when wild thing #1 was the only wild thing in our house.  Still, if I can find something that won’t take hours, or can be age appropriate for a wide range of ages, I’m all over it!  I’ve had my eye on these sharpie mugs for years. … read on–>

diy paper dolls photo craft


Hey there!! It’s hump day, which means the work week is almost over!  It also means I’ve already been late to one hockey game and 3 soccer games, made several meals, ran around like a chicken with my head cut off only to have my kids miss the bus, AND drank my weight in coffee.  It’s all good though because it’s HUMP DAYYY!!  Also, I updated my iphone, and it makes me laugh a lot, … read on–>

teen photo display


It’s hump day!!!  All kinds of craziness is happening in the Sell house on this lovely day.  One of my children is eating an apple with no hands, while the others laugh hysterically at him.  You know, I should probably break this up because it’s getting a little rowdy but they’re occupied.  I’m not messing with a good thing- even if a piece of apple just shot across the room and landed on my shoulder … read on–>

make your own floral crown

this is seriously the easiest flower crown to make, and it is beyond cute! my daughter was so excited and it would make an awesome photo prop too!

Hi, friends!!!  I’ve been super bored and I never have anything to do, so I figured it was the perfect time to make something. Yeah.  In case you didn’t hear it, that last sentence was totally dripping with sarcasm.  But, I have been driving past all of this awesome Queen Anne’s lace, and I kept thinking that it would make the most amazing flower crown. A couple of days ago, I decided to make it happen! … read on–>