10 KOAs to visit with kids

These KOAs are the perfect destinations for families with kids. Not only are these amazing locations, the campgrounds are just incredible!

Kampgrounds of America (notice that K at the front of Kampgrounds?? ¬†That’s how their brand is spelled because they’re kool! ūüėČ ) have become an all-time favorite of our family’s. ¬†Offering amenities such as cabins, bounce pillows, mini golf, and super fun pools have made them the perfect choice for our family. We have been crafting a list of destinations for the last couple of years, and there are 10 KOAs to visit with kids … read on–>

Campfire snacks for kids

It just isn't a camping trip without campfire snacks. The best part about this is there's no reason you can't make these in the backyard fire pit!

Camping as a family has become one of our favorite things to do. One of the best parts about camping is all of the fun foods we get to eat. ¬†I have been searching for the best campfire snacks for kids since we know we will be camping again this summer. ¬†I have spoken a lot about why we choose experiences over things. ¬†And the best part about these campfire snacks for kids is that … read on–>

how to plan a perfect family camping trip

there is so much that goes into planning a family camping trip. these tips are great!

When we started taking our kids camping a few years ago, we were complete camping newbies. We had been camping before, but never with kids. In short, we had no idea how to plan a family camping trip. It has become one of our favorite things to do with as a family, the kids have learned some pretty awesome life lessons, and we have learned a lot about what goes into planning a camping trip … read on–>

12 tips for traveling to an all-inclusive resort- with kids!

all inclusive

Amazingly, we were lucky enough to visit Mexico, and our first all-inclusive resort, last year. ¬†Since it was an all-inclusive resort, we really figured there wasn’t much we had to learn before we went. But we absolutely could have used a few tips for traveling to an all-inclusive resort with kids. ¬†After getting excited, and searching some random things online, we realized all-inclusive doesn’t necessarily equal pack your clothes, and don’t worry about anything else. … read on–>

Kalahari Resorts | Poconos

We loved the indoor water park at Kalahari Resort in the Poconos. It was the perfect winter escape, and we didn't even have to catch a plane!

I have already had it with winter, and it’s only January. ¬†Don’t judge! ¬†I’m not made for winter. ¬†I miss the colors green, and blue, and sweat– ¬†I miss sweating. ¬†True story. I know some of you love winter, so don’t hate on me for saying it isn’t for me. If the decision were mine alone, I wouldn’t live where it snowed, but it’s not, so I take what I can get in terms of … read on–>

Things kids learn from camping


When we started camping, I never could have imagined all of the things kids learn from camping. ¬†We have been visiting KOAs for the last few years. We have been to kampground at Uniontown, Myrtle Beach KOA, the KOA in Bald Eagle, and now we can add Niagara Falls KOA to that list. We are firm believers in the value of experiences over objects which is exactly why we make it a point to get … read on–>

4 fun things to do in niagara falls


Last week, we packed up and visited our second foreign country this year! Considering I am 35 years old, and I had never left the United States before this summer, this is pretty amazing stuff! ¬†This time we headed about 5 hours north to Canada. ¬†We visited Niagara Falls, ON and had some super fun adventures that absolutely made the trip even more incredible for us. ¬†Not one of us could decide which adventure was … read on–>

6 reasons KOAs are the best campgrounds for a family vacation with kids


Want to know what prompted us to find the best campgrounds for families with kids? ¬†Let me fill you in…¬† Have you ever been somewhere with your kids and wished you hadn’t left the house?? ¬†Please tell me it’s not just us. ¬†There have been times we have taken all 4 kids to a hotel or a restaurant that wasn’t exactly kid-friendly, despite the fact it was a family friendly choice. ¬†You walk in, there … read on–>

3 reasons to stay at a KOA on their halloween weekend | uniontown koa | sell family adventures

so many fun things to do at a koa!! especially on their halloween weekend

it’s november 1, and i am finally getting to post about our little fall getaway for wild thing #3’s 5th birthday! this is what the month of october does to photographers. ¬†it’s really insane!! if you have following my blog for a little while, you have probably figured out that we have come to love KOAs (kampgrounds of america). ¬†we have a mile long wishlist of KOAs we are dying to visit! ¬†last may, we … read on–>

3 myrtle beach, sc adventures | sell family adventures

Myrtle Beach, SC is a great place for a family vacation. I was amazed by how much there was to do there!

Last month, our family visited our second Koa¬†(kampground of america). ¬†If you missed our first one, you can check out our visit to the Uniontown koa here. ¬†This time, the location was myrtle beach, sc koa. ¬†We are completely hooked on koas at this point, and if you happen to follow my facebook page, you may have noticed I hinted that I had figured out my dream job. ¬†So, here it is… when I grow … read on–>

12 ways to reconnect as a family- in one weekend


Living fairly busy lives, we are always looking for ways to reconnect as a family. ¬†Two weekends ago, we packed the van and headed the slightly over one hour west to uniontown for our first ever trip to a koa kampground. ¬†Every one of us was super excited! ¬†We had been counting down the days to this little mini vacation for months, and while we knew very little about the campground itself, we were happy … read on–>