big brother and sister shirts

These big brother and sister shirts are the perfect way to announce a new baby in the family, or a sweet gift for big bro and sis when the baby arrives!

Promoting your little guy or girl to big brother/ sister is super exciting for everyone.  And, it’s super fun to announce your news to everyone using big brother and sister shirts or even a sweet gift to give them when they baby arrives. I wish they would have had some of these adorable shirts when we were promoting our kids!  These are adorable and so creative! Before I get into all of this cuteness, if … read on–>

Awesome shark finds for shark lovers

Sharks are absolutely fascinating to me, and so many others. These awesome shark finds for shark lovers will have you wishing you can have one of everything!

Sharks are absolutely fascinating to me, and obviously so many others.  I am equal parts terrified, and amazed by them.  Shark week is one of my very favorite weeks of the year. This is the week Discovery Channel will be a constant on the television, and my butt will rarely leave the couch.  Breaking away is just too risky, who knows what I could miss. These awesome shark finds for shark lovers have me writing a … read on–>

Sandals that kids can play in

These are the perfect sandals for kids to play in, or go out for dinner. I love how easily they clean up.

Sandals are our shoes of choice once the weather allows for them. My kids aren’t fans of socks and shoes, and since they are the first to jump in a puddle, or creek if they come across one, sandals make the most sense. Of course, they don’t want to wear tennis shoes even when they won’t be headed into a puddle, so I am always on the hunt for shoes that will transition from play … read on–>

Outrageous & Fun Inflatable Pool Toys

These are the most outrageous and fun pool toys. Everyone in the family will have a blast with these!

Summertime is my favorite!  I love the temperatures, the colors, the picnics, grilling outside, and POOL TIME!  These are the most outrageous and fun inflatable pool floats I could find! The kids would go crazy for any of these- and some of the grown ups too!  (I have visions of one day being able to relax leisurely in a pool on a float. That isn’t exactly my pool reality right now.  Some day though!)  In the … read on–>

the truth about tooth brushing

I have the hardest time getting my kids to brish their teeth. this kids toothpaste, actually has my kids excited to brush their teeth!

The truth about tooth brushing I’m not sure what the deal is with my kids, but they it is a constant struggle to get them to brush their teeth.  And it isn’t just the little kids that fight me either. I have literally been given every excuse imaginable when I ask them to brush their teeth.  I can’t be alone, can I??  If you’re stuck in the same place we were, here is a list … read on–>