Strawberry Lime Watermelon Popsicles

These strawberry lime popsicles are absolutely delicious and so easy to make. I love when we find a recipe that's easy and fun!

Popsicles are one thing that don’t last long in our house during the summer months.  I have tried to set limits on how many the kids can eat in a day.  It just doesn’t work.  These kids are relentless I tell you!  In the end, it’s one of those moments when you have to pick your battles.  I just don’t really have a good reason for not letting them have a popsicle most of the … read on–>

Summer activities to help kids learn

Just because summer is here doesn't mean your kids have to stop learning. Make it fun with these summer activities to help kids learn.

Summer is in full swing! That means lots of long days and plenty of time for activities. Parents don’t want their kids to lose all of that valuable knowledge from the school year,but that doesn’t mean your kids have to sit with books and homework.  I’m so excited that Natalie from TakeLessons is sharing some fun ideas for summer activities to help kids learn. Summer Activities to help kids learn At TakeLessons we believe learning … read on–>

10 mud activities for kids

June 29th is international mud day! let your kids get muddy with these super fun mud activities for kids!

Dirty kids are really no stranger to our house.  Our kids play hard and get dirty, a lot.  What they don’t typically get to play in is mud which pretty much means mud activities for kids are about the coolest thing ever!  I swear they can sniff it out since it’s a treat when I let them get nice and muddy.  I actually caught the 2 youngest under the trampoline where all the grass is dead … read on–>

what it means to be an anxious mom

What it means to be an anxious mom means so much more than just depression and anxiety attacks. Many people have anxiety disorders.

Those that know me in real life fall into two categories- people that know about my anxiety, and those that don’t.  I guess everyone who read this will know.  If I haven’t opened up to you about my anxiety, chances are you aren’t the least bit aware that this plagues me, but it does.  I have high-functioning anxiety.  If you don’t know what that means, I’m about to fill you in on what it means … read on–>

how to organize with baskets

Knowing how to organize with baskets is crucial for our home to stay organized, and not look cluttered. Great ideas here!

Baskets are the first thing I look for when I am trying to get organized. I mentioned before in my crazy awesome organization ideas post, that I am not an organizational goddess.  That said, I am always on a mission to be more organized.  Knowing how to organize with baskets is crucial to my survival.  Haha!  I love baskets, and I love that most of them hide the junk inside.  I don’t like being able … read on–>

5 reasons to unplug and spend time with family

There are many reasons to unplug and spend time with family without electronics. I always have to remind myself how much I need this!

Technology has all but taken over lives. I am the last person to judge someone when they are at their phones on the park, or in the store with their kids.  Being a WAHM has opened my eyes to the realities of having your phone at the playground, and what that means.  If it weren’t for the ability to check on work at the park, I wouldn’t be able to take off and do those … read on–>

fun rock crafts

These fun rock crafts are so easy, and definitely a quick idea for something to do with your kids.

Finding time to do crafts with the kids is something that has really gotten pushed to the side the last several (just being honest here) years.  There are a couple of reasons for that- 1. I just don’t have time, and I really try to extend myself a little bit of grace and acknowledge I can’t do everything. and 2. despite the fact I attempt to keep some art supplies set aside for the rare … read on–>

15 of the greatest audio books for families

This is a great alternative to video games on a road trip. I love this list of audio books for families!

There has been a lot of buzz about audio books for families- especially families heading on a road trip!  I am really looking forward to trying this out on our road trip this year.  The kids are usually either fighting, involved in some sort of scream, or begging for snacks when we are on a road trip.  I am not complaining because for the most part, they are pretty well-behaved in the car (most of … read on–>

facts about 3 year olds

After being in the throes of living with a three year old four times, we have definitely found some facts about 3 year olds.

After being in the throes of living with a three year old four times, we have definitely found some facts about 3 year olds.  Whether you’re in the middle of parenting a three year old, or you’re on the verge, I’ll bet there will be a few of these you will agree with. Facts about 3 year olds *for your convenience, there may be affiliate links throughout this post, so you can easily find the … read on–>

family photo gallery wall ideas

These are such fantastic ideas for hanging family pictures! I love a good family photo gallery wall ideas. I love how it tells your family's story in pictures. It's such a fun way for people to get to know you when they visit your home.

Knowing what to do, or having an idea when you start is the key to really good photo gallery walls.  And, what kind of photographer would I be if I didn’t absolutely love ideas for hanging family pictures?  I love how they decorate your walls with your family’s story.  It paints a picture of your life on your walls, and that always makes me so happy to see.  The best thing is it doesn’t matter … read on–>

10 National Parks to visit with kids

10 incredible national parks that will delight your kids

National Parks are some of the most amazing places in the United States.  We have only been to a few in Pennsylvania.  There are some really amazing national parks to visit with kids all around the United States.  There are so many neat things to experience at these parks, and after a little bit of research, I have decided we will be adding these to our bucket list. The best part of all of these … read on–>

Ways to entertain kids when you need a minute

Sometimes you just need a couple minutes to get things done without entertaining a child. These are great ways to entertain your kids!

There are plenty of times you need to find ways to entertain your kids.  I mean you can’t sit and play with them every moment of everyday.  I often find myself feeling guilty for not playing with them enough.  I have to work, I have to grocery shop, I have to cook dinner, cart kids to after school activities, clean laundry, the list goes on…  I know you all feel me. I honestly don’t remember … read on–>

the easiest way to make money online for free

I have seriously found the easiest way to make money online for free, and it's something I was already doing. Why didn't I start this sooner?!

Several years ago, my sister clued me into the easiest way to make money online for free.  She introduced me to a site that pays cash back for online purchases.  I am a bit of a skeptic so I really didn’t get too excited about it initially.  What does excite me is shopping online (that is, when I have a little extra money)! Money is always tight in our home. The kids are always in … read on–>

50 things to do with kids in summer

We love checking thing to do with kids in the summer off of a list. these are all great ideas!

Yesterday, I read an article about how raising our kids has become a to-do list of things we need to expose our children to before they are adults.  The article was sort of ragging on those of us who value experiences, and feel strongly about giving them to our kids (even if they are extravagant).  While I don’t believe every experience we give our children needs to be extravagant, I do feel strongly about offering … read on–>

7 things I did to drastically improve my photography

I knew when I started having children I wanted to drastically improve my photography. These are the ways I managed to do just that.

Whether you’re photographing your own kids, or working on growing your business, or possibly starting one, if you landed on this page, you’re looking for ways to improve your photography.  When I started, my only goal was to learn how to improve my photography so that I would be able to take better pictures of my own children.  I loved it so much, it turned into more than just taking pictures of my own kids. … read on–>