14 reasons not to sign up for Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime is a membership program which offers members benefits on Amazon. Here are 14 reasons not to sign up with Amazon Prime. I don't know what do you think?

Amazon Prime is a membership program which offers members benefits including free 2 day shipping, unlimited streaming of videos and music, and a free kindle library, among other things.  There are lots of reasons to sign up for Amazon Prime.  Here are 14 reasons not to sign up for Amazon Prime.

14 reasons not to sign up for

Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime is a membership program which offers members benefits on Amazon. Here are 14 reasons not to sign up with Amazon Prime. I don't know what do you think?

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1. Saving money is for losers.

Spending as much as you can on anything is totally the way to go. Getting things at a lower rate with you Amazon Prime membership is lame.

2. I don’t know about you, but I looove waiting for at least a week to receive my order.

The FREE 2 day shipping Amazon Prime offers is also lame!

3. Who has digital photos to store anyhow?

Everyone I know has an unlimited amount of memory on their phones, and computers to store their pictures on.  I can’t think of any reason anyone would need to take advantage of the FREE photo storage available to Amazon Prime members.  Besides, even if they did, I’m sure they would prefer to pay a monthly fee to another site that ONLY offers digital storage, without any of the other perks of Amazon Prime.  Makes sense, right?

4. Diapers are super cheap already.

There’s no need to purchase them for 20% off.  Amazon Prime members, who sign up for Amazon family and get 20% off the diapers they order, are crazy!

5. Come to think of it, babies are super cheap too.

Getting a free welcome gift box filled with baby goodies when you sign up for a Baby Registry AND are a Prime member is just dumb.

**You will find this AND a free parenting ebook in the exclusive offers of your registry 1 week after you open your registry (ebook), and 8 weeks before your due date (welcome box).

6. I’m always on top of everything too, and I never forget to order things, or pick them up from the store.

Since my brain is far from the hot mess I thought it would be trying to keep track of feeding kids, school activities, and other “stuff’, Amazon Prime’s subscribe-and-save’s program that allows you to subscribe for something, choose the frequency with which you receive the products (think diapers, soap, toilet paper, paper towels, cleaning products, basically anything you want), get it discounted, and choose when I want to stop with no penalties would save me too much time.  I don’t need to save time, and since I never forget anything, it’s not like I’ve ever ended up grabbing diapers at 8pm when I realize I’m all out.

7. I adore window shopping or shopping for anything that requires a bit of thought with my children in tow.

They love it too.  They are never bored or unruly in public.  It’s really a joyous experience.  We frolick through the mall, and they never ask me to purchase extra things for them.  Signing up for Amazon Prime would mean I would get to shop from the comfort of my home, and not worry about trying to shield my children’s eyes from shiny new toys.

8.  Music sucks.

What’s the point of being able to stream FREE music from Amazon music with an Amazon Prime membership?

9.  No one really cares if they have to pay shipping to return an item.

Amazon Prime’s free returns are LAME, even if they DO have the best customer service around.  I like fighting with people on the phone for hours to get my money back.  I get a rise out of it.  I’m sure most people do.

10. My kids aren’t allowed to watch tv.  Ever.

We have never resorted to using the television as a babysitter, or to watching kindles in the car on road trips.  Amazon video with thousands of free movies and shows to stream for Amazon Prime members would be useless for us.

11.  They also never play video games.

The 20% off of video games Amazon Prime members are eligible for is just dumb too.

12. You can pair it with ebates.

Earning cash back from ebates with many purchases made through Amazon Prime–Dumb.  I hate extra money in my pocket.

13. When I do get the chance to read a book, I always have plenty of time to think about it, order it, wait for it to come, and read it.

It’s never a spur of the moment decision, so there’s no reason I would ever take advantage of the free lending library for Amazon Prime members.  Being able to quickly download a book for free with the kindle app (even if you don’t have a kindle), and keep it for as long as you want with no late fees, is just plain silliness.  Right???!!!

14.  Lastly, why would anyone want to try something that saves you time, and money FOR FREE for 30 days?!??!!!

It’s ridiculous that they even offer a free 30 day trial.  Lame.


All kidding aside, we ADORE Amazon Prime.  We have been Prime members since the yearly fee was $79 a year.  When the price jumped to $99 we were a little bummed, but quickly got over it because it absolutely pays for itself after a couple of months when you add up everything you are getting.

Are you an Amazon Prime member??  I would love to hear your thoughts!

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