5 great photography books for the beginner


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I thought you might like to know which the best books for learning photography.  But first..  Last night, I watched a vlog with some tips on making laundry time easier.

One of the tips was to have a “lost sock” bag.  I’ve got one of those. Except it holds roughly 300 unmatched socks and they never get paired up so we all wear mismatched socks.

Once I get this post all finished up, I’m headed to the basement to sort socks (I know you were all wondering what I was doing today. Exciting stuff going on here!)  Wish me luck…

On to books.  For when you get a free sec (cause I know you have tons of spare time.) I’m not crazy though!  You’ll have so much fun chasing your kiddos around with your camera, and actually getting a few pictures you LOVE!!


When I started my photography journey many years ago (I mean the one that really pushed me creatively, and forced me to take a deeper look into what I was doing with my camera.),  I literally read everything I could get my hands on from my camera’s manual, to internet articles, and books!!

I had one goal, and that was to learn photography.  Thankfully, there are no shortage of photography books out there in the world, I was able to fill my brain with all kinds of photography goodness.


5 books that will help you learn


 wishing you could take better pictures of your kids? check out these 5 books for learning photography


  1. Understanding Exposure by Bryan Peterson– I read this book so long ago (first edition) and I loved it so much, I read through it 4 or 5 times. I suggested it to everyone i thought might be interested.

    When I started researching for this post, this book came up so many times.  I am clearly not the only one who loved this book.  It’s easy to understand, and has lots of visual examples.

  2. Scott Kelby’s Digital Photography Volumes 1, 2, & 3– I read everyone of these.  They are also easy reads, and written in a way that makes everything easier to understand.  I started by purchasing the 1st one, and ended up buying the next 2.
  3. The Beginner’s Photography Guide by Chris Gatcum– This book goes into way more than just how to use your camera.  It talks about composition and lighting.

    It was given 5 stars and while it covers more than just the “how to” part of using your camera, it also covers everything you could need to know about your camera as a beginner.

  4. How to Photograph Absolutely Everything: Successful Pictures from your Digital Camera by Tom Ang– this book is written by a renowned professional photographer and talks about how to use your camera in “real words.”  It goes over anything you would want to photograph, and how to make it happen!
  5. Betterphoto basics: The Absolute Beginner’s Guide to taking Photos like a Pro no need to read this book cover to cover, you can actually just flip through the book and grab tips here and there, and this book covers how to take better pictures with any camera!!
  6. BONUS– Free ebook– 10 photo projects for ANYONE with ANY camera– if you’re just looking for inspiration or a push to take pictures of your kids, grab this free ebook!!

Do you have a favorite beginner photography book that i didn’t mention??  I would love to hear what it is, leave me a comment below!

Just looking for a quick go-to guide..  Check out mom-tographer’s cheats!! print it out, stick it in your camera bag, and refer to it when you need to for inspiration, tips, and tricks!



do you follow me??  if not, come on!!!  it’ll be fun!





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5 great photography books for the beginner — 27 Comments

  1. Even though I’ve been taking pictures since 2007 it feels like there is always so much to learn. I like books that dumb it down into the simplest explanations with lots of examples, but at the same time I can’t help but feel like I learn more while shooting than reading. Thanks for compiling this list! Bookmarking!

  2. Great list. I have a nice camera and have no idea how to use it and always use my phone instead. I recently got the motivation to learn how to properly use it. This list will definitely help me.

  3. you’re definitely the norm!! most people use their phones more than their big cameras. i see the value in both for sure. :)

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