5 photo valentine’s day card ideas


Valentine’s day is just around the corner, and some of us (myself included) might have dropped the ball again, and are currently scrambling to come up with some cute Valentine’s Day card ideas to make in just a few days.  If you opt for store bought valentine’s day cards that cost $2 for 20, there is no shame there.  I may not be able to get my *you know what* together in the next few days….  but if you’re determined to be creative..

5 super cute photo

valentine’s day card ideas — you

still have time to make!!

there is still time to make some super cute personalized photo cards for Valentine's Day!


  1. lollipop photo valentine’s day cards– these are insanely easy, and super cute!!  you could even take your pictures on your phone, and use an app like word swag or phonto to add the font to your picture.  I’m going to politely recommend leaving the name off, and handing your kid a sharpie if they can write their name though.  It’s just good practice.  but, hey, if it makes your life simpler to skip that step, go for it.  I’m sure your kid (s) will survive… 😉there is(photo cred and project idea: landee see, landee do)
  2. smarties valentine’s day cards– i love these valentine's day card ideas(photo cred and project idea: crafty morning)mom-cheats
  3. light saber valentine’s day cards– these are so cute, and totally awesome for either gender.  If you don’t want to use photoshop, you could just print the words on white paper, and then cut your photo and attach it to the white card.i love these valentine's day card ideas(photo cred and project idea: stitch/craft)
  4. treat bags– these are perfect for use with an image you already have.  You could easily print the right 4×6 iphone picture with added text, without even using a template.  Just be sure your image has a lot of negative (empty space) on the top, and that you add the text to the bottom of your image, so that when you fold it you’re not losing anything valuable to the back of your goodie bag!photo valentine's day cards you still have time to make!(photo cred and project idea: kristin eldridge photography)
  5. balloon cards– I love this idea because you could totally do it with just a picture outside with lots of sky up at the top!! i love these valentine's day card ideas(photo cred and project idea: willow day)If you try any of these, leave me a comment, I would love to see/ hear how they turned out!!


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     come hang out with me!





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