8 MUST HAVE newborn pictures

the newborn phase goes so fast! don't let it pass you by, and wish you had something to hang on to.

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Bringing home a baby is one of the most special events for any family.  It’s also one of the most exhausting times for a family.  Time seems to go slowly when you have a newborn, but it really does fly by.  There are some newborn pictures you should take before the time slips away!

Setting up newborn pictures with a professional photographer is always a wonderful idea.  Not only will the session result in beautiful images of your new little miracle, it takes the pressure off of you to capture those images.

Side note- if you’re having a fall baby and looking for some adorable newborn baby props that you can keep using after the session is over, here are 50 super adorable, fall-inspired props!!

Once the session is over, and most likely in the short time before that, there are some shots you will want to get while you’re at home with your baby.  You may not be able to bottle up the ridiculously, delicious smell of his newborn breath, but you can document this time.

Even if it is totally messy, and perfectly imperfect.  I will always look back at the times when we brought each of our babies home with so much fondness.  I love newborns, and I love looking back on those fleeting times.

If you haven’t already– make sure you grab your FREE month-to-month belly sticker printables!  I just love watching babies grow from month to month!

Here are some must have photographs of your newborn.  Whatever your camera, grab your baby, and take these pictures.  I promise you will blink and your baby will be headed off to kindergarten.  You will be so happy you have these to look back on.

8 newborn pictures to take

the newborn phase goes so fast! don't let it pass you by, and wish you had something to hang on to.


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Before I get into the nuts and bolts of this post, I thought you might find it helpful to know the things I love to use when I am taking pictures of newborns (beyond the actual camera equipment!).

I can honestly say that each one of these things I used for my own newborn babies, even when I was taking more natural, day-to-day pictures, just to make them more interesting, or visually appealing, or because they just plain made my baby happy!  :)

  • a sheepskin rug– I have had this exact one for 8 years!
  • muslin swaddles– I just love how breathable, and beautiful they are.
  • a nice warm room- babies like it warm.  Super warm.  Maybe that’s why we get along so well!!
  • sound machine– can’t even tell you how many people with newborns swear by this, and it is a must have for newborn pictures (you can also get an app on your phone, but if you plan to use it often, it will drain your battery).
  • a boppy pillow to put underneath blankets for positioning the baby.
  • tons of blankets with all different kinds of textures
  • and, of course, adobe lightroom (you didn’t think I would make a list without adding something photography related, did you?  Plus, it’s not like you have to be a pro to use it. You got this!)

Alright, now that you’ve been filled in on all of my favorite things, don’t miss these pictures!!

  1.  Hospital pictures.

    Your hospital time may be short, and busy or long, and relaxing.  It only takes a few minutes to take out your camera, or better yet, hand your camera to someone else (you just had a baby!) even if you’re just using your camera phone, you can get some great shots!!  Check them out!  I’ll wait right here.

    8 must have pictures of your newborn

  2. Baby pieces.

    Newborn pieces change so quickly.  Hair changes color, and texture.  Squished noses change.  In a couple of weeks, your baby’s looks will change so much.

    pictures to remember to take of your newborn

  3. With siblings.

    Pretty obvious, but how amazing is it to see their first reactions to their new baby brother of sister??  Or funny.  Regardless, it’s totally worth looking back on.

    be sure to take these pictures of your newbornfree monthly belly stickers

  4. Sleeping.

    Newborn babies sleep so often, this is pretty much a given.  There’s nothing more peaceful than a sleeping baby.  Also, since babies’ eyes are often cloudy, and their focus isn’t great, getting a nice clear open eye shot, can be tricky.

    If you’re looking for some awesome swaddling blankets that look great in pictures and work even better for real life, I love muslin swaddles.  They’re lightweight and so incredibly soft.

    pictures every new parent should get of their kids

  5. Open eyes.

    When your baby does start to stay awake for longer periods of time, be sure to grab at least one shot of their eyes before they change!!


  6. From above.

    Shooting from above helps put size into perspective.  Plus, there’s no worrying about posing your baby in an awkward position.

    8 must have newborn pictures

  7. In their nursery.

    Only one of my babies ever had a nursery, and he never slept in it, but I spent a lot of time and energy making it perfect, so you’d better believe I am happy I documented it.  That said, I am equally happy I captured all of my babies snuggled into my bed at night.

    8 must have pictures of your newborn

  8. Sleepy smiles.

    Yea. This is a given.  If you catch a sneaky, “involuntary” smile, it will feel like you won the lottery.  Make sure you plaster that sucker all over your social media!!

    don't forget to get these newborn picturesBefore you know it your newborn baby will lose her saggy skin, and wrinkles.  His eyes may turn brown, and he won’t want to be swaddled tightly in a little baby burrito.  *insert sappy tears*  When that happens, you’ll have these images to look back on.  Don’t forget to download your free month-to-month printable stickers.  Who doesn’t LOVE seeing their babies changing from month to month!!

    One last thing- Having a newborn in the house can be chaotic especially when there are other children involved.  I really recommend having someone set up a dinner rotation for you for the first couple of weeks.  

    Believe me, it practically saved my children from starving…  I guess I would have made them something…but still….  if you’re not able to have a dinner rotation started, here are some super easy crock pot recipes that may be helpful!



    do you follow me??  if not, come on!!!  it’ll be fun!





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i need these month to month belly stickers!!

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