Ways I have failed to be the perfect mom

I am failing to be a perfect mom

There was a time when I was only (I mean- that’s relative, right?- not yet a mother) a college graduate with a bachelor’s degree in Child Development and Family Relations. I was also the proud, big sister to 2 baby brothers that were technically young enough to have been my own children.  (In fact, I actually heard a friend’s mother say- “That’s not her brother, they are just saying that…”  trying to imply he was actually … read on–>

13 things to teach your son BEFORE he is a teenager

before my son officially becomes a teen, there are a few things i need to make sure he knows.

The last couple of months have been a bit of a reality check for me with wild thing #1.  He has grown taller than me, and lost any hint of roundness in his cheeks.  He laughs at jokes that don’t start with “knock-knock”.  I know there are things to teach your son before he is a teenager. So, I pay him to follow his younger siblings while I work, to hopefully, teach him some responsibility.  On Fridays, … read on–>

60+ random things I’ve found in my mom taxi

kids are gross, and so is my minivan

Life really does get in the way sometimes even when you try to be organized, and on top of things.  It was a busy week here.  It always is.  That’s the story of our lives with kids, isn’t it?? Those that know me, in real-life, have most likely walked up to my mom van, and been told to walk away, or close their eyes.  While my house isn’t spotless, it’s pretty clean.  I cannot say … read on–>